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What Is a Madrasa?

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This book explains the role of the madrasa in the cultural, intellectual and religious experience of Muslims. The prospects for peace in Afghanistan, dialogue between Washington and Tehran, the UN's bid to stabilise nuclear armed Pakistan, understanding the largest Muslim minority in the world's largest democracy in India, or the largest Muslim population in the world in Indonesia - all require some knowledge of the traditional religious sectors in these countries and of what connection traditional religious schooling has (or not) to their geopolitical situations. This unique and engaging introduction will help readers understand the history, place and function of the madrasa in today's Muslim religious, cultural and political world. Structured clearly around the role and function of the madrasa in the past and the present; infuses history, tradition and everyday practice with concrete examples of how the institutions function; provides a view of the madrasa from within - the author studied in leading Indian madrasas for 6 years; treats madrasas worldwide, with a special focus on those in South Asia and includes a glossary of key non English terms used in the book.


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